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KT Taping

Kinesio taping has become a very popular therapeutic taping choice for athletes, because it encourages the body’s own ability to heal. It benefits in supporting muscles, reduce injury recovery time and aiding with lymphoedema. We use KT taping when necessary during your treatment with its main effect being:

KT Taping

Effects of KT-Taping

  • Offloading joints and muscles
  • Improved posture by influencing joints back into a neutral position
  • Opening up joints whose joint space is restricted
  • Stretching muscle and fascia
  • Lymphatic drainage caused by swelling following injury
  • Compressing tissues
  • Influencing a biomechanical kinetic chain
  • Improve power and reduce time needed to generate peak torque

We use Kinesio taping to aid patients with a variety of different conditions including muscular injuries, tendinopathies, and help to reduce recovery time and reduce swelling. If your a runner this could be very useful for you as part of your Pre & Post Race preparation & Recovery.

We are a Musculoskeletal & Sport Injury clinic based in Bolton, providing elite injury and rehabilitation care.