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The Power of Posture


Understanding the Psoas

Understanding structural integrity is a very complex thing especially because has humans we have always adapted based on external environments. Meaning we react mainly due to our stressors. Overtime this changes our neuromuscular make up and causes patterns to appear that shape the way we move. For instance in the past, the only time we ever really use our fight/flight stress responses was when we were hunting for food or when in danger.

So when we were in the Fight or Flight state the body would directs all its energy towards muscles that propels us forward. Such as the Fight or Flightglutes, hip flexors, quads, hamstrings and calf’s, which help us either to attack or flee. This action allowed the body to return to its homeostasis (state of equilibrium internal environment). By utilising the sent energy to either fight by hunting food or flight by fleeing the scene.

When we take in consideration the sedentary world of today, humans are more frequently heightened to stressors. This is not only through external influence, but also through our emotional and psychological well being. It is very common that as humans, it is easy to think stress upon the body. With the most common position adopted during heightened stress being a seated position

Due to the body wanting to work with the muscles closest to the proximity, during fight or flight state. Energy is sent to the Hip flexors (particulaly the illiacus & psoas) as they are already being in an contracted state. When coupled with the lack of physical activities within the general population. It is rare that the body is able to return to its homeostatic state.

When this occurs over months and years, it leads to postural changes & dysfunctions. Because the body wants to adopt different compensatory pathways in order to function. Which may then present as pain in other areas of the body such as the back, hip and knee.

If you want to learn more about Structural Integrity and Posture make sure to check out The Power of Posture By Naudi Aguilar.



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