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Glute Strengthening for Knee Valgus

Glute Strengthening for Knee Valgus

Glute Strengthening for Knee Valgus

Addressing Glute Strengthening

On our previous post we highlighted the role of the adductors in relation to knee valgus. Explaining how tension within the adductor muscle group could lead to knee valgus due to lack of abductor (gluteal) control. And through myofascial release we can start reducing these fascial restrictions.

Now that we’ve learnt the myofascial release technique for the adductors we can now address glute stregthening in order to maintain the fascial changes we’ve exhibited.

As previously explained muscular imbalance between the abductors and adductors are one of the risk facttrendelenburg signors to knee valgus. Most commonly ineffective control of the hip abductors which stabilises the hip and prevent against valgus motions.

Gluteal weaknesses are most noticeable whilst transitioning in a functional lower limb position for example split stance and single leg position. So it is very important to address gluteal strengthen whilst in these functional position in order to invoke the best effects. Based on what we know through the SAID principle, which asserts that the human body adapts specifically to impose demands. Therefore engaging the glutes whilst in a single leg position will be most beneficial for activities that in involves walking.

The exercise demonstrated on this video is a great exercise for glutes engagement to help control knee valgus. Prevent opposite hip dropping (Trendelenburg sign) and lateral hip displacements.

Main Ques

  • Hinge from the hips
  • Make sure the swissball doesn’t move

Due to the muscular function of the Gluteus med & min is to be a global stabilisers it is important that they are fatigue resistance there for going for is reps (15 – 20) or time duration (20 sec – 45 sec) will help to enforce this.

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