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Contact Us

Call: +44(0)75 2594 1214

Urban Rehab – Big G’s Gym, Plantation Road, Edgworth Bolton BL7 0BY

Contact Us

Our clinic is based at Big G’s Gym, Plantation Road, Edgworth, opposite the WellBeing Farm. We have secure onsite parking allowing our patients to feel more at ease whilst getting treated by our therapists.

Our environment makes it perfect for us to deliver the best treatment and rehabilitation. Whilst also using our facilities to help us coach our patients through there specific corrective exercises. Also allowing us to work with athletes through injury prevention and Strength & Conditioning.

Finally if you have any questions, niggling queries or just fancy a chat? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to speak to you!

We are a Musculoskeletal & Sport Injury clinic based in Bolton, providing elite injury and rehabilitation care.