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Chronic ankle instability 2/2


Chronic ankle instability 2/2

Chronic ankle instability 1/2

Restoring your propioceptive deficits isn’t as hard as what you think. An easy way to start whilst in the acute stage of the injury is through:
? Ankle movements, like spelling your name with your foot.
Once you can fully weight bear try
?Single leg standing.
?Single leg standing eyes closed
?Single leg standing + gentle the push off a wall
?Progress to standing on an unstable surface like a bosu or an airex mat


You’ll feel and see different muscle that attach in and around your foot fighting to maintain stability.

Once you’ve mastered standing still start incorporating movements, start by moving with the other limb which will shift the centre of balance. Then ultimately progressing to landing mechanics and incorporating activity specific movements.

It is very important to maintain these propioceptive/dynamic stability exercise after you’ve returned to activity as it will play a key role to injury prevention


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