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Chronic ankle instability 1/2


Chronic ankle instability 1/2

You don’t have weak ankles, you have stupid ankles! ?

Chronic ankle instability is a condition marked by recurrent giving way of the lateral (outside) side of the ankle. This is often predisposed after repeated ankle sprains, leading propioception detaining.

Propioception is the ability to sense body position and effort in the surrounding space it’s in. The development of this awareness is vital for reducing injury risk as it helps to enhance your feed forward and feedback mechanism.

Feed forward is the process where through pre learned movement & training the body is able to trigger anticipatory actions which can help correct limb & body position before injury occurs.
For instance have you ever fell off a curb and felt like you were going to roll your ankle but somehow manage to recover? That’s the feed-forward mechanism kicking in and contracting certain muscles to adjust foot position.

Due to inactivity and lack of progressive rehab following an ankle sprain, your propioceptive ability decrease leaving you at greater risk for re-injury.

In part 2 we will look at how you can start redeveloping your propioception!


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