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Causes of lower back pain 1/2


Causes of lower back pain 1/2

A very common cause of complain amongst the general population is lower back pain. There are countless reasons why lower back pain may occurs and one of these is through tight hip flexors in particular the illiopsoas.


The illiopsoas is a combination of two muscles (Illiacus & Psaos major) which originates from the lumbar spine (lower back) and hip, they attach to the femur (thigh bone). The illiopsoas is a very important muscle for flexing the hip (bring knee to chest) and lateral rotation (turning the hip out). Occupations which involves prolong siting put these muscles in a shortened position which may cause it to become short and tight, resulting in pull on the lower back.


A good tool for evaluating changes within the illiopsoas and hip flexors is a test called Thomas test.


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