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Adductors & Knee Valgus


Adductors & Knee Valgus

Your probably thinking what is the relationship between Adductors & knee valgus?


What is knee Valgus?

A very common issue highlighted within the general and athletic population is knee valgus. Knee valgus is combination of hip internal rotation & adduction often coupled with tibial external rotation. This dysfunction is often prevalent during single leg activities such as squatting, jumping, lunging & landing.

You hear many people bang on about knee valgus but never really explain the causes & implication of it. Well if we look at studies, many have looked at the relation between knee valgus and rick of ACL injury. With the consensus of Knee Valgus being a good predictor of ACL injuries especially during landing & side stepping manoeuvres. Whilst knee valgus can also lead to MCL injuries, patellofemoral pain & iliotibial band syndrome (IT Band).q-angle-men-vs-women

Causes of Knee Valgus

There are various reason why knee valgus occur, such as biomechanical differences (e.g. looking at Q angles). Muscular imbalances and recruitment. For the purpose of this post I will focusing on muscular imbalances.

Your hip adductors are a group of 5 muscles that originate from the pubis & attach to the Femur and Tibia Over dominant of the adductors muscles coupled with pelvic instability often means under-active abductors muscles, which are your Glute Min, Med and Max. As you can guess they produce the opposite movement to your adductors & bring the hip away from the mid line.

When in Adductorsa functional position (single Leg, Split Stance) engagement of your glutes (med & min in particularly) are vital as they will act as the global stabilisers for the pelvis. Meaning inefficient activity of these particular muscles often lead to knee valgus.

hip abductors

In order to impart effective neuromuscular changes to counteract the lack of abductor activity, it will be important to address the adductor muscles first through myofascial release. Whilst also working on increasing
the recruitment of the glutes & Deep core muscles in a functional complex to position that adopt most.



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