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About Us


Welcome to Urban Rehab Sports Injury & Massage Clinic

At Urban Rehab our patients visits our injury clinic because of our unrivalled method of treatment. Firstly we get to grips with the underlining factor causing your dysfunctions. We understand that the demands and stresses of sports is hard enough. So we ensure that you can participate in the activities you love injury free. That’s why we wont just stop at treating your symptoms. Our therapists understand that correcting the causes of your injury will not only treat your symptoms, but also help prevent re-occurrence.


We bring expertise from working within professional sports to our patients. Providing them with individualised rehab plans to ensure the fastest recovery. Allowing our patients to return to what they enjoy doing as quick as possible. We don’t just focus of sports injury, our therapists are also highly trained at personal injury. Whether is is back pain, neck pain or muscular pain we are cater for all injuries.


Our Sport Injury Clinic is situated in Big G’s Gym in Edgworth Bolton. We utilise the excellent equipment within the gym to ensure our patients receive the same quality of care as a professional athlete.

We are a Musculoskeletal & Sport Injury clinic based in Bolton, providing elite injury and rehabilitation care.