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Welcome to urban rehab

Welcome to Urban Rehab, your local Sports injury & Massage clinic. We specialise in providing the same standard of sports injury care available to professional athletes.

All our therapist are trained to provide treatment for all sports injuries, as well as neck pain, back pain, sciatica, bursitis and many more.

We cater for people of all ages and abilities ensuring we meet anybodies end goal. Whether that is being able to walk around the park pain free with the family. To run a marathon or to make sure your fit to return to professional sport.

Most of all we don’t just look to treat your symptoms. We also diagnose, treat and educate you on the cause of the dysfunction. In addition we will work with you to decrease the likelihood or re-injury. Therefore allowing you to be self reliant.

Urban Rehab

MSK & Sport Injury

MSK & Sports Injury

Deep Tissue & Sport Massage

Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

KT Taping

KT Taping

What our clients say

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  • Understanding the Psoas Understanding structural integrity is a very complex thing especially because has humans we have always adapted based on external environments. Meaning we react mainly due to our stressors. Overtime this changes our neuromuscular make up and causes patterns to appear that shape......

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  • False  Sciatica is a condition which presents with pain down the sciatic nerve distribution, but without any lumber spine (lower back) involvement. First lets talk about “True Sciatica” True sciatic pain usually presents as a result off a dysfunction within the spine (i.e disc bulge......

  • Restoring your propioceptive deficits isn’t as hard as what you think. An easy way to start whilst in the acute stage of the injury is through: ? Ankle movements, like spelling your name with your foot. Once you can fully weight bear try ?Single leg standing.......

We are a Musculoskeletal & Sport Injury clinic based in Bolton, providing elite injury and rehabilitation care.